Recipe: Banana buckwheat porridge with honey walnuts | The Spinoff

2023-03-07 00:49:25 By : Ms. Grace Xu

The end of summer isn’t all bad when autumn means comfort food like this delicious twist on traditional porridge.

I must confess that the arrival of autumn took me by surprise this week. How the dusting of snow on our fair mounga wasn’t a tip-off it was fast approaching I’m not sure! I was certain we had many more weeks of balmy weather during which time my bees would continue to build up their honey stores, and my cucumbers and tomatoes would continue to give forth in abundance. Not so. Nonetheless, I’ll continue to don my summer dresses and pretend we’ve got a bit more summer left, all the while eating this comforting and hearty banana buckwheat porridge for breakfast. Seed Destoner

Recipe: Banana buckwheat porridge with honey walnuts | The Spinoff


The night before you plan to make this porridge, put the buckwheat into a bowl, cover with warm water then put a clean tea towel over the bowl and let it soak overnight.

The next morning, drain the buckwheat, rinse well then put them into a pot along with the oats, water, coconut cream, bananas, ginger and cinnamon.

Bring to a boil then reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes, stirring frequently to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Once ready, the buckwheat will be cooked through and the porridge thickened. 

While the porridge is cooking, break the walnuts into a heavy-bottomed frying pan and toast over a medium-high heat until golden brown. Drizzle over the honey and stir well, continuing to stir from time to time as they cool to stop them from sticking together. 

To serve, divide the porridge among four bowls, add extra coconut cream if desired and finally sprinkle with the walnuts and decorate with edible flowers, if desired. 

Recipe: Banana buckwheat porridge with honey walnuts | The Spinoff

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